Surprise Travel

Wow you’re engaged. Very exciting stuff.

Getting married is super fun, but it also requires a lot of planning. Maybe you’re tired of planning or maybe you want an expert to plan your Honeymoon so you don’t have to stress about where to go and what to do for a single second while having the time of your life. We get that. That’s what we’re here for.

Let’s Talk

You could try to sift through the 30,000 google results that come up when you search Honeymoon, or we can help send you on a Honeymoon tailored to your exact needs, desires and budget.  We’ll use our initial call to get a sense of what type of people you are, where do you definitely don’t want to go and your goals for your Honeymoon (spelunking, 5 star dining, all of the above etc..

Great Chat, Let’s Start Planning

We’ll put together a proposal based on your specific needs and budget, providing options for planning levels, flight times and more. We’ll give you the option of when you’d like your destination revealed.

Time to confirm

We’ll invoice you for half your booking. Confirm your trip with your deposit.

Check the mail

On the date of your choice, we’ll send you a destination reveal, a full packing list and other relevant details complete with fancy postage.


21 Days before your trip  we’ll send you an invoice for your final payment.

Bon Voyage

You’ll be on your way with daily itineraries, plenty more surprises and absolutely zero to worry about.