Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I going?

It’s an excellent question and you’ll find out the answer later, ten days before you’re trip. We will send you hints and letters and a packing list and give you our promise that it’s somewhere safe and enjoyable. It’s not North Korea.

Are the trips really custom?

Yes. Going Somewhere trips are tailored 100% to the wants, needs, desires, travel style, food and drink preferences of the traveler. We love discovering what makes a person tick and creating a travel experience that meets their platonic ideal.

What if I know where I want to go?

If you know where you want to go, you can add it your preferences section and we’ll accommodate; however, we’ll plan on sending you other places as well just to make sure you still get a fun surprise.

What if I don’t want to go where you send me?

We take pains to insure you go somewhere that suits your taste and that you haven’t been before. Our quiz and follow up questions are customized to help us get a true sense of what you look for in a trip and what type of traveler you are. In order to further protect you from being sent to a destination you don’t want to go, we recommend adding any places you wouldn’t like to go or have already been to your travel profile. Additionally, we’re available by phone and email if there’s anything you’d like to add or share that will help insure you enjoy where we send you.

I don’t know how to select my budget, what should I do?

When selecting your budget, consider your travel dates (for instance whether it’s a holiday weekend or peak summer) and the whether or not you’d like to travel internationally. We highly recommend leaning toward a higher budget ($800+ on airfare) if you’re imagining an international or multi-destination trip during peak travel months.

What is included in my budget?

Your budget will determine where we send you, your airfare and your nightly accommodations. We are skilled at maximizing a budget and will insure you get the best available for your dollar.

Does my budget include food and activities?

It does not; however, if you would like it to we are happy to accomodate and prepay for activities provided you supply the budget.

What’s the latest I can book my trip?

You can book a domestic trip with us two weeks before departure and an international trip four weeks before departure. Please note, the earlier you book the trip the better for your budget, as airfare, accommodations and reservations are likely to be more expensive closer to the date. For best pricing we recommend booking your trip 4 months in advance.

What if something bad happens while I’m traveling.

Our customer experience will provide you with concierge like service and will be available by phone or email 24/7.

Why is it cheaper to travel with two or more people?

Traveling with a group allows you to split accommodations and save on local travel.

What do I get for $75 per day?

Every full day itinerary includes the following expertly research items:

  • A breakfast recommendation near your accommodations
  • Morning activities based on your preferences
  • Lunch recommendation or reservation if needed
  • Afternoon activities based on your preferences
  • Dinner reservation (feel free to change or cancel)
  • After dinner activities dependent on your personal preferences

How can I trust the recommendations you’ve selected for me ?

This is our job and well, to be frank with you we have a financial incentive for you to have a good time. Our planning staff has traveled the world extensively and have backgrounds in editorial, creative, art direction and more. We’re aesthetes and impeccable researchers. Each of us are quite talented at discovering excellent places that don’t require you to wait on a line.

I’d like to go to multiple cities, can you accommodate that?

Many of our itineraries contain multiple cities. If you’d like to go to more than one city, simply state that in your preference. Whether you get there by train, car or plane will be determined by your budget. Feel free to contact us with any details you’d like to share on that front.

Who should not go on a Going Somewhere trip?

If you love Times Square or Jeff Foxworthy jokes, a Going Somewhere trip is not for you. We believe in wandering not sight seeing and being a traveler instead of a tourist. It sounds like a small distinction, but it isn’t.

Why would I want to go to a mystery destination?

There are a lot of reasons, the first of which may be that anticipation and mystery are fun. It’s why Christmas Eve is almost as good as Christmas. It’s a joy for us to stoke the flames your excitement with mail and packages, and it’s a joy for you too to receive them and consider all that’s ahead. There’s also the escape from decision fatigue, the ability to never quibble with your travel partner about where you’re headed and the endless googling and half planning that prevent us from relaxing, being in the moment and discovering our surroundings.