48 Hours in Tokyo

48 Hours in Tokyo
October 3, 2018 admin

Day 1

Land at 10pm and take a taxi (or if you prefer a train, your hotel is a 3 min walk from the Shibuya Station) to your hotel and tuck in for the night.

Arrive at Shibuya Grandbell Hotel–check in. If you’re hungry you can take a three minute walk to Shibuya Station. Head down the stairs and you’ll see hundreds of restaurants. We love Shibuya Udagawacho no Himono-ya, an izakaya with beers, drinks, and tasty fish and seafood. We recommend the Opened Striped Mackerel filleted open and slow-grilled over the low flame of high-quality oak charcoal until the skin becomes crisp while the rich, fatty meat remains juicy and tender. Enjoy it with a delectable sashimi platter of freshly sliced raw fish featuring the day’s catch from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Not in the mood for food? Head up to your room and relax or grab one of the incredible drinks at the downstairs bar. Then enjoy your room.

Ohayō | おはよう | Good morning You made it to Tokyo. How was your flight? Did you have any time to peruse the present we left in your room? If you haven’t already download x, x and x to help you navigate the streets and communicate. We’ve also rented you a pocket wifi. In Japan, free wifi can be hard to come by and Maps can only be accessed when you’re online.

Our guess is that before you want to worry about the wifi, you’d like to eat something. Great news, you won’t need your maps to get to your next destination. 73 paces outside your hotel door is one of our favorite breakfast spots in Tokyo, Camelback Sandwich and Espresso. We recommend ordering a cup of their incredible coffee and the Lamb Bacon, which is served with dried tomatoes, coriander lead and a sushi-style tamagoyaki omelet. You won’t regret it.

12:00 pm You’re probably pretty jet lagged so let’s start the trip slowly, walk over to Shibuya, about 1.5km and start exploring.

12:30 pm A great place to start is in Yoyogi Park, located in a forest that covers an area of 70 hectares (170 acres). Covered by an evergreen forest of 120,000 trees of 365 different species and multiple recreation areas this is a great place to learn how Tokyo locals relax.

1:00 pm The park is just a short distance, a 20 minute walk, from Harajuku, Tokyo’s fashion capital where you will definitely want to explore. Chances are you’ll know exactly where you want to go in once you get there but a great place to start is…

1:30 pm Meiji Jingu (AKA Meiji Shrine) is one of Tokyo’s most impressive shrines, and the most important State Shinto shrine in Japan. It is a stunning refuge with a historical and cultural position as significant as anywhere else in the country.

2:00 pm Grab a late lunch at AFURI, which has some of the best ramen in town and about 450 meters from the shrine. The address is Shibuya, Sendagaya, 3 Chome−63−1 グランデフォレスタ原宿

3:30 pm Keep exploring the neighborhood–you’re close to Cat Street, known for representing the more  more sophisticated side of Tokyo’s celebrated urban aesthetic. Head into the stores and remember to look up because the urban architecture and design is some of the finest in the world.

5:30 pm Sometime in the early evening walk over to Shibuya Crossing, The best time to see what the fuss is about is at dusk when the light is the prettiest and the scramble is at its peak

6:30 pm Head back to your hotel on foot (about a 15 minute walk or so and start to get ready for dinner.

8:00 pm Dinner @ Shigeyoshi. The menu at Shigeyoshi is scrupulously seasonal, with a range of prix fixe courses incorporating whatever chef Chef Sato feels like making at the moment. The cuisine can best be described as fine Japanese home cooking.

Day 2

Ohayō | おはよう | Good morning! Today we’ll start seeing the classics (temples and the what not) and then direct you to the hippest neighborhood in Tokyo Nakameguro where you should explore on foot.

9:00 am FREE BREAKFAST in the hotel lobby. Charge up before heading to Shibuya Station. Head down to Shibuya Station and take the Yamanote Line各停 on Platform one to Shinjuku / Ikebukuro. It will be a 16 minute ride.

10:00am Shinjuki Gyoen National Garden. Take a leisurely stroll and see native, traditional gardens, the 144-acre park pockets French Formal and English Landscape gardens, all of which are worth the modest entrance fee. Landmarks are stunning and impossible to forget, like a Taiwan Pavilion perched along a serene pond. Formerly an imperial garden, it became a national garden after World War II—so you can trust that this precious plot is always beautifully maintained.

11:00 am Shinjuku Don Quixote: Set aside a few hours to explore this insane shopping center. It is enormous and full of so many weird items, that you will really need to take your time with it. There’s an outrageous variety of distinctly Japanese stuff from bizzare sweets, to tchochkies and more.

2:00 pm  Take a 12 minute taxi ride to Nakameguro and have a late lunch at Huit, a French-inspired café where the motto is the classic East Meets West.

3:00 pm If you’re starting to get tired grab a pick me up at Onibus Coffee which uses single origin beans and is all around pretty cool. Explore the neighborhood (and the cherry blossoms! One of the top reasons to head here in spring) and check out some of the cool shops like SML or Standard Manufacturer Laboratory which sells handmade ceramics and pottery and Tokyo Lampoon which has some of the best vintage on this side of town.

5:00 pm When you’re done head over to Baird Beer Taproom. Enjoy one of the best selections of craft beer in the city or stroll along the river until a Japanese wine bar with patio seating or a late night café playing a band you’ve never heard of catches your eye.

7:00 pm  Dinner at Narisawa



10:30 pm Return to Haneda Airport  — Sayōnara | さよなら | Goodbye Tokyo!