Going Somewhere Surprise Travel

How it works

1. Traveler Assessment

Help us better understand your personality, timing & preferences.

2. Concierge Outreach

Schedule a phone call or speak with us via on-site chat.

3. Online Invoice

Once your trip goals and preferences are established, we’ll send you an invoice.

4. Itinerary

We’ll customize a daily itinerary &  packing list, book activities and plan additional surprises for you throughout your journey.

5. Hints

30 days before departure-Visit your mailbox, your packing list and hints are incoming.

6. Reveal

10 days prior to departure, you’ll receive an envelope with your destination(s).

7. You’re Going Somewhere.

What makes our trips special?


Physical mail, clues and packing lists leading you to a mystery destination handpicked according to your preference. Stretch the joy.


Your trips are customized to your budget and exact desires. We will keep to an ideal pace for you and your companions, delivering a seamless experience that aligns with your travel goals, whether that’s relaxation, adventure or something else.

Insider Knowledge

Your planners are global tastemakers who have traveled the world extensively from Africa to Antarctica, discovering the remote, wild, pristine and luxurious for you to enjoy.

Anxiety Free

Going Somewhere trips include reservations, suggestions and a personalized itinerary that allows you to truly relax and enjoy what we’ve planned for you and your companions.